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Storage, Shipping, & Modular Building Solutions

Atlantic Containers &  sells shipping containers and trailers for residential, commercial, and industrial storage, or for use as modular spaces. We serve clients from Atlanta, Georgia, to the West Coast. 

Inside of a Standard Container

About Our Containers

Store your supplies, equipment, and personal belongings in a secure and properly ventilated container. Our new and used shipping, storage, and refrigerated containers are available for sale, long-term leasing, and short-term leasing. Our standard containers are eight feet tall, and high cube containers are nine feet tall. We offer many different models of storage and cargo containers, including:

• 20-Foot, 40-Foot, and 45-Foot Standard
• 20-Foot, 40-Foot, and 45-Foot High Cube
• Open-Top
• Double-Door

Storage Solutions

 All of our containers are perfect for secure home, commercial, and industrial storage, including:

• Construction & Heavy Equipment
• Farm Equipment & Supplies
• Landscaping Materials
• Tools & Parts
• Business Inventory
• Household & Personal Items
• School Equipment
• Sports Equipment
• Automobiles
• Dry Food

Modular Spaces

Shipping containers can be used for many purposes. They're especially practical for use as container homes, office modifications,  modular spaces and general storage.

Sales & Delivery - Southeast

We offer flatbed or roll-off delivery service across the southeast, including in nearby Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia. Other southeastern cities we deliver to and sales from include:

• Charleston, South Carolina
• Charlotte, North Carolina
• Dallas & Dallas, Texas
• Louisville, Kentucky
• Miami & Jacksonville, Florida
• Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee
• New Orleans, Louisiana
Forklift Truck and Shipping Containers

Sales & Delivery - Midwest and East

Our pickup and delivery services are available in the Midwest and on the eastern seaboard. We offer pickup and delivery services to the following Midwestern and eastern cities:

• Baltimore, Maryland
• Chicago, Illinois
• Cincinnati, Cleveland, & Columbus, Ohio
• Detroit, Michigan
• Minneapolis, Minnesota
• New York, New York
• Norfolk, Virginia
• Wilmington, Delaware

Sales & Delivery - Western, United States

With operations across the country, we can pick up and deliver containers almost anywhere. We operate in many cities west of the Mississippi, including:

• Denver, Colorado
• Kansas City & St. Louis, Missouri
• Los Angeles, California
• Omaha, Nebraska
• Portland, Oregon
• Salt Lake City, Utah
• San Francisco, California
• Seattle, Washington